Donation to Friends of Connaught Court

The District of West Yorkshire of the Order of Royal and Select Masters, as do all other Districts in England and Wales hold an annual District meeting every year, in our case the 1st Saturday in August which for obvious reasons this year has been postponed. At these District meetings the other Districts in England & Wales are invited, and a charitable collection is always taken.

In the past we have donated to the RMBI 2017 Festival for the Craft and to the Mark Benevolent Fund.

As we had not made any donation for the past few years our Treasurer Tony Williams mentioned we had a sizeable amount building up in the account and where there any suggestions as to who could benefit most from a donation. Our Deputy District Grand Master in Charge V Ill Companion Ronald J Murtagh immediately suggested we keep our donation close to home and donate to “The Association of the Friends of Connaught Court”.

The friends of Connaught Court commit to spending a considerable amount each year to pay for the little extras that all go towards providing extra comfort and a range of social, leisure and entertainment activities for the residents. The major part of their annual income comes from the Annual Garden Party which is held in the grounds of Connaught Court on the 1st Saturday in June each year which due to Coronavirus was this year cancelled depriving the association of much needed income. The members of the R&SM Executive agreed with Ron and were delighted to provide a grant of £1000.00 to the Association.